Fertile valleys in Baja California produce Mexico’s best wines. Its waters cradle the baby whales born there. Cave paintings and Jesuit missions built three hundred years ago attract visitors from all corners of the world.

The most important Mexican producers of apples, nuts, and jalapeño peppers are in Chihuahua. This state is proud of the archaeological ruins of Paquimé and the Copper Canyon region.

Sonora has a thriving industrial city, Hermosillo, considered one of the five best Mexican cities to live in; two Magical Towns, Álamos and Magdalena de Kino; and the Altar Desert, a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Sinaloa’s coastline is bathed by the Pacific; it has broad valleys and is one of the country’s foremost agricultural producers. Mazatlán and Topolobampo have the second largest fishing fleet in Mexico.

Birthplace of Pancho Villa and Silvestre Revueltas, Durango is a colonial gem. It is Mexico’s second gold and silver producer. Its ideal landscapes have been natural sets for several movies on the American Wild West.