Wedding Roast
40 min
México en tu mesa (Sagarpa)


For the roast
1.5 kg leg of pork
5 chiles anchos, split open, toasted, stemmed and seeded
3 mulato chiles, split open, toasted, stemmed and seeded
5 black peppercorns
1 whole clove
1 piece 5 cm long of stick cinnamon
½ orange, peel only
1 bay leaf
2 slices French bread (or bolillo), fried in oil and drained
3 cups water or chicken broth
1 tablespoon corn oil
½ disc of stone ground chocolate
1 tablespoon piloncillo (brown cone sugar) or suga
Salt to taste
To serve
½ cebolla blanca, rebanada finamente, remojada en agua
½ white onion, sliced and soaked in water
Corn or flour tortillas
Brown the meat in a large frying pan. Set aside.
Purée the chiles, spices, orange peel, bay leaf, and bread with a little water or broth to a thick sauce.
Heat the corn oil over medium heat in a deep pot and fry the chile mixture. Add the remaining water or broth.
When it boils, add the meat and reduce the flame. Simmer until tender but firm. If necessary add a little more water or broth. You should have a light sauce at the end.
Add the chocolate with the piloncillo or sugar. Cook until all the ingredients are blended. Season lightly with salt.
Serve hot topped with slices of onion and warm flour or corn tortillas on the side.