Researcher and food critic, professor, lecturer, and consultant in culinary projects.                                                                         

Ricardo Bonilla

In line with his broad academic career, Bonilla has been a founder of the Centro Culinario Ambrosia, where he was also director of research, and the Culinary Art School in Tijuana, where he is the dean. 

Bonilla is passionate about gastronomy tourism and he advises restaurants and academia in culinary arts. He has participated in the Escuela Superior de Gastronomía, the Universidad del Caribe, the Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel, and other institutions. He is a consultant to the Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronómica Mexicana.

Among his myriad activities, he is the owner-manager of the gastronomy tour agency Come México. 

It’s no longer a matter of talking only about tacos al pastor, caldo tlalpeño and the gorditas at La Villa, now we have more tamales, moles and tlapiques to defend cuisine in the big city
Ricardo Bonilla