A pioneer in the promotion and recovery of products from the State of Mexico. He is in charge of giving flavor to the dishes served in his restaurant, Amaranto, in Toluca.


Recovering his family’s restaurant, Amaranta, was his primary motivation in devoting his life to cooking. Today he is one of the most beloved and well-known chefs in Mexico.

He studied at the Centro Culinario Ambrosía (Ambrosia Culinary Center in Mexico City), where he learned from the greats in Mexican gastronomy, such as Federico López—a pioneer in contemporary cuisine in Mexico—and researcher Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.

In 2002, while he was reinforcing his technical knowledge, he opened a pastry workshop that supplied various restaurants. In 2004 his family acquired the restaurant Ofening’s in Toluca, the immediate precursor to Amaranta, a name that it has had since 2010.

He uses ingredients from the various municipalities in the state of his birth to which he applies modern and traditional techniques. The name of his restaurant comes from the grain “amaranto” (amaranth), which he changed to the feminine form of the word to pay homage to the women cooks in local markets who enriched his learning.

We want people to come eat in our country and, why not, to drink mezcal too
Pablo Salas