Revolutionary chef and seeker of traditional cuisine from Colima, he is the creative chef at the restaurant Cortez in Guadalajara, regarded as one of the leaders in Jalisco and West Mexico.


Nicolás Mejía combines the flavors of his traditional Colima with the new culinary trends in the Perla Tapatía, as Guadalajara is fondly known. He soon earned the distinction as one of the city’s favorite chefs. He studied gastronomy at the Culinary Art School, Tijuana, Baja California.

Nico Mejía’s achievements go beyond the region, although wherever he goes, he brings a truth with him: there is no better food than home cooking, mom’s food. In fact, he learned his most important lessons about cooking from his mother. 

He was the sous chef at the Peruvian classic in Lima: La Rosa Náutica. In France he was station chef for French master chef Philippe Ibarboure at Les Frères Ibarboure. He also worked at Can Fabes in Santi Santamaría, with three Michelin stars; and was adjunct chef and gastronomic consultant at the restaurant Tiramisù in Taormina, Italy.

Gastronomy is culture and deserves to be studied and recorded. Each zone is a canvas that changes completely from one place to another. I speak of Colima, what I know, while others talk about the other states
Nico Mejía