Her sensitivity and talent have enhanced the beauty of mexican gastronomy.

Marta Ortiz

This promoter of the culture of Mexican gastronomy has applied her sensitivity and imagination—characteristics apparent throughout her career—in her restaurant Dulce Patria. Her distinctive menu has storyline guides to cuisine. Her dishes are a staging success, a reflection of her passion for promoting Mexican gastronomic culture, summed up in the phrase “love of our own.”

Her academic preparation was in Social Sciences with a specialization in Alimentary Sociology and History of Gastronomy. Martha has been active in the fine food sector as a writer, co-editor, consultant, and entrepreneur. She is currently the Director of the company Poesía Gastronómica, which saw the opening of her first restaurant Águila y Sol.

In her most recent phase, Martha Ortiz reinterprets culinary fantasy in her dishes, not to mention Mexican cuisine, and the charm of urban traditions in the big city.

Great cooks generate ideas, not just plates of food. Enjoy your meal and may we season our souls with Mexican flavor
Martha Ortiz