He is “The Master Chocolatier” in Mexico. After a distinguished career as a chef, he leapt into the world of chocolate to indulge the most discerning palates with the delights he creates in his shop Tout Chocolat. 


Following the order of courses in a complete menu, Luis Robledo Richards consolidated his career as a chef to later move on to the sweet side of gastronomy. 

It all began in New York, where he graduated with honors in the Culinary and Pastry Arts program at the French Culinary Institute. In 1998 he went to France to study various specialties at L’école du Grand Chocolat and later he was able to put into practice his knowledge at Lenôtre, one of the oldest and most exclusive pastry houses in Paris. 

Returning to the Americas, he worked as a chef in the Presidente Intercontinental hotel and in the restaurant Au Pied de Cochon in Mexico, as well as in the restaurant Le Cirque and the Four Seasons Hotel in New York. 

As a chef with an exemplary trajectory, Luis is relentless when it comes to rigor in the processes and quality of the products he employs. With these high standards, he opened the boutique Tout Chocolat, where he unleashes his creativity to take chocolate to its ultimate heights. This chocolate boutique uses only the finest ingredients from Mexico, France, Switzerland, Africa, and Latin America. 

Each bonbon, pastry, cookie, or macaroon attests to the idea that strict quality control need not be contrary to the production of large volumes of chocolate, for the shop set in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City sells more than seven tons of chocolates per year. 

It’s not the same to make solely chocolates as it is to make bonbons, bars, cakes, cookies, sweets, ice cream, bread, beverages . . . they’re very complex things. The difference is that at Tout Chocolat we work with both the raw cacao and the finished chocolate. We are super-complete chocolatiers
Luis Robledo