She exalts the producers, traditional cooks, and richness of the countryside of Michoacán in her restaurant Lu in Morelia.


For many years she has felt an unbridled passion for the ingredients that come from the countryside and for traditional recipes. She has explored Mexican cuisine in order to fuse tradition and innovation at Lu.

Lucero Soto was born in Mexico City, where ever since she was a child she inherited a love for cooking from her grandmother, her mother, and her aunts.

After discovering her talent, she decided to reinforce her technique. After studying Marketing in Querétaro, she went to Spain to take courses at the Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo (School of Hotel Management and Tourism) in Valencia, Spain, as well as at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

After working as a restaurant manager, a professor, and an advisor in gastronomy, since 2004 she has been the Executive Chef of the restaurant Lu, Cocina Michoacana in Morelia, where she cultivates regional flavors.

She cooks and helps in the organization of Morelia en Boca, a culinary festival held in the state capital of Michoacán.

What I’m looking for is to take maximum advantage of ingredients and to use exclusively local products. I think that the best use of products is the secret of the best cooks
Lucero Soto