He is the king of cabrito and the maximum promoter of northeastern cuisine. In the kitchens of Villa Ferré and Don Artemio he captures countless flavors from a single product: goat.


In Saltillo, Coahuila, Juan Ramón Cárdenas honors the food from the desert of northeastern Mexico. He is co-owner of Casa de Banquetes Villa Ferré and the culinary leader of the restaurants Don Artemio and El Mesón Principal.

From an early age he inherited his fascination with and respect for desert food in his parents’ restaurant, where he learned the secrets of cabrito, grilled meat, machacado (shredded dry beef), nuts, sweets, and the cuisine of northeastern Mexico.

Despite his major gastronomic heritage, Juan Ramón Cárdenas graduated as an Engineer in the Food Industry from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he also earned a master’s degree in Management. Later he took a variety of cooking courses in Mexico, the United States, and Europe, while he continued feeding his knowledge by attending fairs and expos worldwide.

He has been a promoter of gastronomic education and has been a guest lecturer at institutions of higher learning and cultural centers throughout Mexico. He has done outstanding work in creating “Guerreros del Maíz” (Maize Warriors), a lecture series held in Saltillo where researchers are invited to give talks on the culinary evolution.

My cuisine is passion for excellence, it is the ongoing search for new techniques that improve the dining experience, it is blending and tasting, it is seeing in the diner’s face a non-verbal expression of pleasure, it is teaching and working with my collaborators, it is demanding the best from each one of us. I am proud to be a son of the Desert, I use what my land gives us
Juan Ramón Cárdenas