An extremely vast oeuvre and inexhaustible explorations in the many facets of Mexican culture, the arts, and gastronomy, along with consultancy on alimentary topics make José Iturriaga an unequivocal expert on Mexico.

José Iturriaga investigador

Vice-president of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture, he has given dozens of lectures over more than three decades in Mexico and abroad. His enthusiasm resides in spreading awareness of the intrinsic connections between cuisine and culture.

Iturriaga is proud to have participated in preparing the dossier based on which UNESCO declared Mexican cuisine, using the example of Michoacán, as Intangible World Heritage of Humanity. His career as a historian and researcher encompasses broad coordinates. 

His academic and institutional merits know no bounds; in his years of experience and intense work, he has been a consultant for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization in matters of regulatory food reserves and for UNESCO on intangible cultural heritage.

He is a member of the Hall of Gastronomic Fame at the Amparo Museum in the city of Puebla.

The relationship between food and eroticism . . . has many more ties than we might at first imagine
José Iturriaga



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