Cafeólogo® is the name, the symbol and the brand that express Jesús Salazar’s personal way of researching and sharing coffee. He is the founder of Cafeología, center for research and development of specialty coffees in Chiapas.


Jesús Salazar cafeólogo

He was born in Chiapas, the land of coffee, and was trained in two sciences that underlie his dedication to this plant: medicine and philosophy. Thanks to medicine all aspects of biology, botany, physiology, food chemistry, and even agronomy have been within his reach and have turned out to be fascinating. Philosophy has been his closest ally to logically and analytically reason and comprehend coffee, as well as to develop his own personal vision of agronomy and gastronomy. 

For Jesús, the building of cups that have a complexity that touches multiple senses means a commitment to quality; building aesthetically complete cups, a commitment to individuals. When he brings together both conditions, coffee takes on its full meaning and a remarkable value for whoever produces and whoever consumes it.

He was a writer, editor, and university professor before he set out on the long path of research into coffee. His work is focused on collaboration with coffee cultivators for the development of specialty coffees in the field and through the laboratory of toasting and cupping (coffee tasting). His coffee beans are renowned for their complexity and for being a reflection of the richness of their origin. Cafeología is a unique center in Mexico and Cafeólogo is a powerful voice that speaks from the viewpoint of science and the coffee experience in Latin America. 

My commitment is to build ethically complete cups with a complexity that touches various senses
Jesús Salazar