The leading wine promoter in Mexico and the mastermind of contemporary oenology in this country, he has headed Casa de Piedra since 1997. Hugo channels all of his projects to one aim: to elevate the name of Mexican wines internationally.


He came to the world of wine looking for a hobby and found his purpose in life. Hugo Enrique D’Acosta López was born in Mexico City and although as an adolescent he didn’t shine at school, after studying agronomy at the Tec de Monterrey in Querétaro he earned a scholarship to study oenology in Montpellier, France. 

His stay in Europe continued in Italy in the region known as Piedmont, whose Barolos and Dolcettos opened new oenological horizons. When he returned to the New World, he worked at Casa Martell in Querétaro, then he was hired at the Chappellet winery in Napa Valley, and when he returned to this country, he began what would become the contemporary gastronomy movement in Mexico. 

Working as an oenologist for Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Hugo began to organize cultural and gastronomic events that revolved around wine in the Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, using what he had seen in France as a reference point. However, he put the spotlight on Mexican cuisine by hiring Mexican chefs. 

In 1997 D’Acosta joined the world of independent producers and launched the extremely successful Vino de Piedra, a watershed in Mexican grape growing and wine production. Today the Casa de Piedra winery produces two wines: Piedra de Sol (Chardonnay) and El Vino de Piedra (a blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet). 

And if there’s one thing Hugo D’Acosta can never be accused of it’s of being egotistical; since he created “La Escuelita,” where anyone can learn to produce wine, as well as the mezcal project Los Danzantes, which we all know and are grateful for. 

Technical Director of the wines:

  • Vino de Piedra
  • Acrata
  • Ensamble Colina BA I
  • Ensamble Arenal BA II

The most important thing about wine is the moment and the excuse to drink it
Hugo D´Acosta