First Mexican chef to be awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant Mexique in Chicago, Illinois. There he offers dishes originally from Mexico, combined with French techniques and ingredients.


Born in the state of Guerrero, Carlos had a childhood without many luxuries, but full of flavor, thanks to the animals that were hunted and prepared by his family. At the age of 20, he decided to cross the border to pursue “the American dream.”
It was in 1991 when he began to work in Chicago as a dishwasher; one lucky day, a cook from the Sheraton Chicago Northbrook Hotel called in sick, and when he saw Carlos in action as a replacement, then chef of the restaurant, Jeff Miller, knew that he had discovered a true talent.
Carlos passed through several restaurants until he became chef de cuisine at the renowned Bistrot Margot in 2004. Four years later he opened his own establishment: Mexique.  
In 2012 he was on the verge of closing it, but he got a phone call that would give his career new impetus: the Michelin Guide 2013 would be recognizing his business with a star, the first in history to be granted to a Mexican chef. The next night, the restaurant was packed.
Nowadays people on the street ask him for his autograph and want to take selfies with him. Why? In 2013 he was in fourth place on the reality show Top Chef.

Everything that I cook is a memory of my childhood. I grew up eating country food, wild animals, iguanas, rabbits, turtle doves
Carlos Gaytán