Since this duo arrived in Ensenada, they have sought to elevate the products of the sea. Their restaurant Manzanilla is the maximum expression of seafood.


Manzanilla is the restaurant the Molina-Muris have run for the past 15 years. They also have a country restaurant open in the summer, Silvestre, in the Guadalupe Valley, where the specialty is dishes prepared in a wood-burning oven. It is an essential part of excursions in the valleys of Baja California. Recently Brazilian chef Alex Atala of DOM cooked at the hearth of their restaurant.

Benito Molina studied at the New England Culinary Institute (NECI), where he met his mentor, French Master Chef Michel LeBorgne. Solange Muris graduated from Central Piedmont Culinary College in Charlotte, North Carolina, and passed quickly through the restaurants of her birthplace Cuernavaca before arriving in Ensenada.

Benito and Solange were brought together by Mexican oenologist Hugo D'Acosta, who hired them to work in the restaurant La Esquina de Bodegas in the wine growing company L.A. Cetto in Ensenada.

In 2000 they quit their jobs and built their own dream: Manzanilla, recognized as one of the best restaurants in Mexico by publications specialized in fine cuisine, both Mexican and international.

The essence of our cuisine is the ingredient, the fresh ingredient, the best fish and seafood in Mexico, the best domestic wine, the best olive oil... That is why we have made Ensenada our home
Benito Molina y Solange Muris