Regarded by some as the best food critic in Mexico City. His many areas of expertise include intense work as a writer, columnist, screenwriter, and restaurateur. 


In addition to being a partner in the Rosticería Bretón, Alonso is a poet, translator, essayist . . . “He obsessively thinks about food, poetry, and film,” in the words of his blog for the magazine Gatopardo.

Alonso Ruvalcaba has been a columnist for the newspaper La Jornada, editor of the magazines Catadores and Gula, the food section for the magazine DF por Travesías, the restaurant section of DF con historia and DF con humor. He has also edited the Guía gastronómica por México, the guide Acuérdate de Acapulco, and Vinosmx, published by Travesías Media. What’s more, he’s a collaborator on gastronomy and travel for the leading magazines in the country.

Although his numerous passions—such as film, painting, writing, and gastronomy—compete for his affections, Alonso is an intellectual in the culinary arts and a multifaceted journalist, who also deploys his illusions in poetry. 


A food critic is a person who puts the dishes in context, who conveys the place in the story of the dishes themselves. He is a person who seeks connections between dishes and writers or between artists and restaurants
Alonso Ruvalcaba