Born in Oaxaca, he grew up in one of the states richest in gastronomic tradition, a legacy that has filled his soul. At Casa Oaxaca he incorporates the flavors of his land.


Alejandro Ruiz is an expert in regional cuisine from Oaxaca and he is one of the finest chefs in Mexico. He heads Casa Oaxaca, Café Casa Oaxaca, Hotel Casa Oaxaca, Mezquite, and Guzina Oaxaca, the latter in Mexico City.

He grew up in the valleys of Oaxaca, where at a young age he learned to cook thanks to his mother’s teachings and the flavors of the dishes that his family prepared. At play, he would trap grasshoppers, as his eyes wandered over the peanuts, vegetables, and other products blanketing the countryside. Alejandro Ruiz is an empirical and innate chef, able to take a more contemporary vision to Oaxaca cuisine.

His career began and continues at Casa Oaxaca, a restaurant, hotel, and café concept that has helped him create and position himself among the best in all of Mexico. His passion for his land led him to organize and coordinate the festival El Saber del Sabor (The Wisdom of Flavor) since 2007 in the city of Oaxaca.

I grew up with it and it’s what I know how to make. Oaxaca cuisine is my own and I think that everyone should try it
Alejandro Ruiz