Known to his friends as Herrera the Madman, this creator from Monterrey has a restaurant called El Chef Herrera, featuring his own dishes based on Mexican food: what he knows best. 

In addition to being a chef, he is a writer and has been a sculptor. First he took art in an art workshop, where he made replicas of fossils and rock painting. Later a self-taught cook, he had a taco cart called El Chef Guevara, which catapulted him to the prestigious La Fonda San Francisco, where he worked for seven years.

Adrián Herrera is quite a character. Some would say he’s eccentric; others, exotic; while others, authentic, creative, and why not . . . most people would say he’s a bit mad.

He himself calls the dining room of his restaurant: “The Madhouse.” He cooks, but he writes stories, poems, and thoughts, which are no less provocative than his dishes for his readers. He has an enviable gastronomy library and is an admirer of Edgar Allan Poe.

Although he would seem to prefer to keep a low profile as a chef at a small eatery, Adrián Herrera has become a rock star in his field.

What does Monterrey taste like? Fast food and grilled meat. What should it taste like? To create and recreate a cuisine that is already lost and a new cuisine. It should be a novelty, a powerhouse, like Ensenada is now
Adrián Herrera