An aphrodisiacal combination
  • The origin of seafood cocktails can be traced to Campeche
  • One of the most famous is called Vuelve a la vida (Come Back to Life); it is said to have originated in Acapulco


The word cocktail referred originally to mixed alcoholic beverages, not straight up, as bartenders used to say. However, when we talk about seafood cocktails in Mexico, we have to go back to the past of Campeche, when a number of English seafaring men used to prepare mixed drinks. 

By extension, cocktail began to also be used for seafood combined with a tomato sauce and other ingredients (onion, lime, and a dash of spicy chile), as well as for fruit salads. And this is also the origin of the word campechano used to refer to the mixture of ingredients on a dish, perhaps as synonymous with cocktail, when it first appeared in the city of Campeche.

Relevant Facts: 
  • One of the most famous seafood cocktails is Vuelve a la vida, a dish typical of Acapulco that has abalone, shrimp, crab, octopus, and other seafood mixed with tomato, onion, Clamato, and tomato sauce.
  • In almost any city or town on the coast, you can order seafood cocktails and each spot will prepare it in its own way, but it’ll always be fresh and tasty.
  • In the coastal town of Lerma (which has the beaches closest to the city of Campeche that only has rocky shores), there are several famous spots to eat seafood cocktails.
  • The word cocktail comes from cock and tail. Barmen used to mix some drinks with the sprig of a certain plant known as cola de gallo (cock’s tail), given its resemblance to plumage.

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