Quality and freshness straight from the sea

The Seafood Market of Ensenada, better known locally as the Mercado Negro, or Black Market, is one of the cleanest and best supplied markets in Mexico for fresh products from the sea. 

At its more than 30 stands one can buy or consume products such as abalone, Chinese conch, octopus, oysters, mussels, clams, shrimp, and lobster; there is also an ample array of fish such as angel fish, tuna, barracuda, manta ray, yellow mouth, mackerel, marlin, swordfish, and smoked fish.


The Mercado Negro was opened in 1958. The name is a remnant from years ago when the vendors sold lobster and abalone there, even though they were reserved to the cooperatives. Residents and tourists throng to the market to sample the cocktails, ceviches, tostadas, and other seafood dishes prepared there with the freshest of products.

Address: Entre el Malecón y el Bulevar Costero.

City: Ensenada, Baja California