Bartering as Business

The most distinguishing feature of the town of Tianguistenco, in the State of Mexico, is its traditional Tuesday market that has functioned since the time of the ancient indigenous peoples. As might be expected, the products offered include handcrafted pieces, textiles, sweets, and typical regional dishes. But that’s not the most interesting part: although it seems impossible to believe, in this weekly tianguis the Pre-Colombian custom of barter lives on. Vendors bring firewood, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and farm products, and exchange them mainly for food.  


Visitors can savor barbecued lamb with its consommé, along with local specialties. And if you don’t have anything from your own harvest to barter, you can also spend money to acquire other delights. Not surprisingly, the name Tianguistenco comes from the Nahuatl for “on the edge of the market.”

Address: town center of Tianguistenco

City: Santiago Tianguistenco, State of Mexico

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