Marine hectares

With the best seascapes an inland city can offer, the market La Nueva Viga is in the southwest part of the Mexico City supply market, the Central de Abasto.


It is the largest fish and shellfish market in Latin America and the second largest worldwide. It is more bustling than markets in many of the world’s ports and it handles 65 percent of the nation’s production. Today it offers more than 500 Mexican and imported species for sale. Inaugurated in 1993, it now has 202 wholesale and 55 retail facilities and 165 semi-retail stands and restaurants.

Why “Nueva” (New) Viga? In the 19th century, the first La Viga market was established near the La Viga canal, when the zone had waterways that connected Chalco, Xochimilco and the San Lázaro port, near the downtown area. In the mid-20th century beaches of asphalt arrived, but the market remained over 100 years on Calzada La Viga in the Iztacalco area of the city. In the 1990s it was no longer sufficient and moved to its current location.



Eje 6 Sur 630 (Trabajadores Sociales), San José Aculco  México, DF 


Distrito Federal

Open daily:

2:50 am to 6:00 pm


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