The largest wholesale food market in the world

Located in the eastern part of Mexico City, this market has 3,700 warehouses and commercial sales outlets, capable of storing 122 thousand tons of foodstuffs. Wholesalers and retailers start arriving at four in the morning and keep on coming until six in the afternoon to meet their needs in the eight sectors of this central market: fruit, groceries, flowers, vegetables and legumes, poultry and eggs, meat, cereals, milk and milk derivatives, and raw materials.


"Courtesy of FICEDA"

This major market was created to fill Mexico City’s growing need for basic products. Prior to that the central market in the city was the old Merced Market, but its infrastructure was insufficient to meet today’s needs. On November 22, 1982, President José López Portillo inaugurated the Central de Abasto.

It not only receives a significant stream of buyers, it also has a 240-seat auditorium, a space for social-cultural events, and an exhibit hall. 


Canal de Río Churubusco S/N, Delegación Iztapalapa, Col. Central de Abastos, 09040 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.


The Federal District