The kitchen is traditionally the place where products are processed to be transformed into food. But it is also so much more: generation after generation, the Mexican kitchen has been moving away from being a simple physical space to become, first in importance, the spot where the products, customs, flavors, and tradition of each locality coincide.

What’s more, thanks to Mexican creativity, the kitchen is the place where inventiveness and heritage come together to create surprising dishes, worthy representatives of an entire culture with deep roots and a vision toward the future.

Thus, Mexican kitchens, throughout time and throughout Mexican territory, have become a space where ancient and modern elements, utensils, decorations, and ingredients converge.                 

In the Kitchen

Basic kitchen utensils made of wood are used throughout Mexico...
This was really a contribution of the Spanish, who in turn, had...
Tortilla is the name the Spaniards gave to the tlaxcalli the...
Utensils that arose in the colonial period “Hammered copper from...
In southeastern Mexico a bed of corn husks takes the place of the...
Zapotec women in Oaxaca carry fruit in a large guaje balanced on...



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