• This is the name for the shot glass traditionally used to serve tequila.
    It has a cylindrical shape with slightly flaring sides so the mouth of the glass is wider than the base.

The image that comes to mind when we think of tequila is the famed caballito, half a lime, and a pinch of salt. But how did this glass get its name? 


The story dates back to the time of the former agave haciendas, where the foremen used to go out on horseback to supervise work in the fields. They would hang on their necks a bull’s horn that had been hollowed out and cut to drink tequila. As legend has it, when they were asked why they wore it like this, the answer was simple: “it’s for tequila on the little horse (caballito).” And soon the small tequila glass became known by this name.

Today we know that although it is the most traditional glass, it is not necessarily the best shape for tasting tequila, especially if it is an aged variety. Some people drink it from a cognac glass; recently master tequila makers suggest using a sherry glass, which allows you to better distinguish the subtle notes of the distillate.

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