• This was really a contribution of the Spanish, who in turn, had inherited it from the Moors.

  • The charcoal or wood fuel adds aromas and flavor to the food cooked on it.

An anafre is a portable cooker usually made from sheet metal in Mexico that works just like a burner on a stove. It is used to prepare all manner of foods: to grill meat, to heat a comal to make tortillas, to keep tamales and atoles warm, and even to toast grains.


It can be just one piece or may have a brazier on the top and a base or ash container below. A hand-held fan always goes along with it, to create a breeze and help maintain the flame or coals of the wood or charcoal fuel.

It is in general use throughout Mexico; although more are seen on the streets in cities, in rural settings it is one of the cooking utensils in the home.